Sprint Booster for Toyota

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"I just installed one last night on my 4x4 AT '11. They sent me the Tundra version since the one for the '11 are not listed. Wow what a difference!!! The pedal feels much lighter and smoother. Acceleration is like night and day. Although this product doesn't add any power it definately removes the lag and the rig acclerate once you are on the gas. This was on the GREEN setting. When I set it to RED, the car acceleration felt like my IS350. I left the setting button hanging for now since I didn't have time to properly mount it. I would definately recommend anyone to try it out. They have a 30 days money back guarantee so if you don't like the product you can always return it back." Review from Fjcruiserforums.com "The Sprint booster will definately make your FJ more responsive and the drivability it greatly improved. IMO...it's like night and day." Review from Fjcruiserforums.com

"In race mode i can feel a great amount of difference in throttle response. There is little to no lag that you experience from punching it. Its kinda hard to explain everythin about the sprint booster and I know its not as easy as sayin it works go buy it and try it. But like JBroas has, I have let members in my club out in vegas all try it. What were their thoughts? They ALL LOVE IT! They have tried it, raced with it, drove with it, smashed on the gas with it and they are now sold on it and ready to buy it." Review from Tundratalk.net

"I'm hooked like all the other Sprintbooster 'crack' users. I just woke up out of bed at 1:46am (East Coast). Guess what? I'm going out for a drive." Review from Rav4world.com

"I just purchased Sprint Booster a couple days ago and have received it today... installation took only 1 minute. and WOW that's all I can say... the acceleration was fast and responding really quick... now my camry doesn't have the 1 sec. acceleration lag anymore... all I can say dollars was well spent..." Review from Toyotanation.com