Sprint Booster for Smart

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"On Saturday, I installed the version 2 (spirited) module. Subjectively speaking, I do perceive a faster response to accelerator pedal movement. Without the unit, the engine seems to hesitate a bit from a standing stop. With the module installed, the response is more positiveƒ more immediateƒ more in coordination with the pedal. Shifting also seems a bit less hesitant since the accelerator response is now quicker." Review from Smartcarofamerica.com "All I have to say is that this little modification solved one of the 3 major flaws with the smart. Flaw 1- major lag when you push accel pedal....Flaw 2 - Slow shifts (this can be solved with remap of computer)...Flaw 3 - rocking horse feel during shifts (solved with suspension upgrade...I used h&r springs). This mod gives you instant throttle response which makes it much more fun to drive. Car "feels" like it has alot more power. Once you install it..I doubt you'll return it." Review from Smartcarofamerica.com

"Those of you that haven't installed a performance booster that installs between your gas pedal and the ECU are missing quite a lot. The difference in acceleration and highway performance is tremendous. It makes the Smart car a totally different automobile. Keeping up with other cars without straining is great fun. Especially watching the looks on peoples face as you go by." Review from Smartusainsider.com

"Before, going up a hill in third gear required a significant amount of pedal input to get the transmission to shift down into second, but now that same task only requires about _ throttle input and the transmission kicks down into the lower gear with very little lag time." Review from Smartcarofamerica.com