Sprint Booster for Porsche

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"I must admit when I first heard about the Sprint Booster I thought it was some "as seen on TV" kind of product like one of those pellets you put in your gas tank to get better gas mileage. Well when I am wrong, I am the first to admit I am wrong and in this instance, I was wrong. Not only is the product a legitimate product, but it makes a tangible impact to driving your Cayman and has a potential performance benefit as well." Review from Planet-9.com "The end result is nothing short of phenomenal! It is a totally different car with the red mode on. The new version allows you to adjust between stock, red, and green (half way) so you can immediately test the delta. With red mode on your first impression after you stop giggling like a little school girl is that you should sue Porsche for masking the tremendous torque that is available on demand but which their laggy throttle makes feel like you are pushing through mud to get to. The car literally leaps forward and snaps your neck. Even flooring it in stock mode never gives the instant rocket sensation - instead you get what now feels like turbo lag. It is ridiculously fun with the car egging you on. That said, I shut it off in traffic here in DC so I don't look like an idiot smiling all the time and don't launch the car into the fellow in front of me. It is simply the best money I've ever spent on a car ever." Review from Planet-9.com

"I installed a Sprint Booster in my 04 C4S Tip about 6 months ago and I agree that it gives the car much more throttle response. Before the booster, it seemed that in the low end that the accelerator was sluggish. Not now! I highly recommend it and along with my FabSpeed mufflers, the best addition to my car yet! Mine came with specific instructions to mount it under the dash where the throttle plug is. The electronic mechanism in my 04 just pulls apart (male/female) and the Sprint Booster just plugs in to each half. However, mine might be the earlier model since it does not have settings on it." Review from 6speedonline.com

"well, i wanted to wait a few day to make any comments about it. i installed it on friday, my hope is that it would solve the 'clutch delay' issue that has been causing me to stall the car every other day. first, the install was VERY simple... plug and play... i have a manual boxster S, but it was recommended that get the version for a A/T because the manual version had been getting complaints that it was too responsive. there are three setting, stock, middle, and full. you can feel quite a difference in the middle setting, but the real magic happens in full... wow.. very responsive, felt great... totally change the characteristics of the cars throttle response... i love it. and the greatest part...six day, and i haven't stalled the car once! not even close! so if you are like me, and have found the throttle on the car too limp, and are having stalling issues... well, this worked great for me thank you" Review from Planet-9.com

"got mine last week and the throttle response difference is so big. Now if u stay in red mode, the throttle is so much more responsive i need to adjust my foot pressure on the gas pedal. Definitely one mod that is cheap and really feel the difference~~ just ordered one for my CLK also after testing this on the porsche, i think it might do wonders to the sluggish MBenz throttle!!" Review from 6speedonline.com