Sprint Booster for Nissan

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"i got the Sprint Booster installed today and wasn't expecting much to be honest. the install was a breeze, had to remove the pedal assembly but real easy stuff. take a small screwdriver and remove the little plastic cap so you can access the 2 10mm bolts at the bottom of the pedal and voila. Now I was surprised when i pushed on the pedal and got instant power my wheels started spinning even with the vdc on, normally it barely spins with the vdc on. The pedal response is definitely quicker. i can say it did cut the 1sec response when you smash the pedal in half if not more. I tried it in Auto and manual and tested every gear in manual mode. didn't really do nothing in 5-6-7 but 1-4 was very primed in low rpm's and im very happy with the results. btw it does not add hp or nothing its just throttle response but you do launch faster and rev quicker thats no bullsh*t. " Review from The370z.com "Car definitely reacts more quickly to throttle application and requires some adjustment in your throttle inputs (particularly in the corners). Really looking forward to trying it out at the track tonight (Infineon Road Course). Even my wife, who is pretty oblivious to changes in the car, immediately noticed the pickup in response." Review from The370z.com