Sprint Booster for Mitsubishi

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"On to performance. It does exactly what it says. The throttle response seems slightly quicker. The basic premise is that it alters the signal from the gas pedal and shows the ecu more throttle than is actually being depressed. The control unit is handy because you can choose one of 3 settings. Light off = the unit is not engaged and throttle is normal. Green light = a moderate increase in throttle signal. Red light = a big difference, with half throttle feeling more like 90%." Review from Evolutionm.net "with the Sprint Booster OFF I found that I was waiting for the car to "pick up" when I was heading out of the corners- I've always felt this on slower tracks. With it ON I felt I had more control coming out of the corners and my Evo was doing what I was telling it to do instead of being a bit sluggish. It is more responsive to throttle input" Review from Evolutionm.net

"I put the sprintbooster in as one of my first mods in my new X. I know what a huge difference it makes because I tried it out on my old regular lancer. I wasn't expecting a difference on the evo but it sure as heck makes a huge difference. Even when I floor it all the way it's not the same feeling. I say try it out" Review from Evolutionm.net