Sprint Booster for Mercedes-Benz

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"I have the latest sprint booster in my clk55amg, worth every cent very aggressive acceloration, running down the 1/4mile this weekend. In addition to the SB, I have modified my airbox, and exhaust system. Has no problem spinning my 265 tyres through first into second." Review from Benzworld.org

"I just installed mine last week and love it, I leave it on the green setting, or moderate, just to get rid of the lag - and it does just that. Money well spent." Review from Mbworld.org "I've had mine in for about 2 weeks now and wondered how I put up with the lag before that." Review from Mbworld.org

"Lets just say........ its Like sex. Once you get it, you spend every day thinking about it. lol The sprint Booster is the SHEET, get one ASAP. If you want absolute neck breaking action, get a NON-AMG SP. If you don't wanna go completely Nuts, Get the AMG one. The AMG one is tuned down a bit due to the already crazy power of the 55k motor." Review from Mymbonline.com

"Without a doubt, my vehicle is far more responsive, even in the second stage. In the third stage (Red Light) my cars throttle response is not only noticeable but substantially improved! If you are looking for more HP or higher top end, this is not the product you are looking for. But if your vehicle suffers off the line or when you need that quick throttle response, this is the product! IÍm sure many of us will agree that our drive by wire vehicles are just downright sluggish. Before SprintBooster, when I tried to jump from a light and finally hit that sweet spot in my pedal, the car seems to finally ñcatchî or seems to finally get the message! But with the SprintBooster installed, I actually have to watch how much gas I give her! In the beginning, I was squeekin my tires pretty good and thatÍs with the ETC on. There really is more life right off the bat! The fact this product is such a simple install, is adjustable, affordable to most and so simple to use, I believe it should be one of the first MODs anyone performs on their vehicle. Now that I have installed my SprintBooster, that factory lagƒ.itÍs just not there anymore. Many naysayers have posted that I could achieve the same result by smashing down the accelerator. I simply donÍt find this to be true. There is more to this product than a heavy foot can recreate." Review from Benzworld.org

"Well it arrived first thing this morning,looked at it and had my doubts...Went out and fitted it ( less than a minute ), started the car and instantly knew it was doing something just by blipping the throttle. Reversed off the drive on tick over, put it into drive and left a load of rubber on the road so I let off and tried again. I bounced up the road like a learner driver in a manual! Now then I was amazed, no hesitation or delay and kick down is instant instead of that second or two delay..........I've not had it on any proper long roads yet but the few half decent roads I went on were enough to be able to tell the difference between the SB and just flooring it, it's fantastic. The difference is like driving a car around wit a plug lead off and then putting it back on.......I must admit I was a serious doubter but now I recommend them.......Just watch out when you first drive the car because as in the opening post it does take a bit of getting used to...Make sure that you are not blocked in anywhere near parked cars!!" Review from Benzworld.org