Sprint Booster for Mazda

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"Initial impression was that it made the car feel more musclar, kind of like a V8. The first 3 gears felt a lot torquier than without the SB. Gear 4,5 and 6 feel the same. To summarize it, it felt like a car with cable throttle and not e-throttle. After the test, I had the SB removed and see if I can simulate the same effect with more throttle. The result is NO. No matter how hard I pump it, it just didn't feel the same. Response was delayed no matter what. At the end of the day, the SB makes a very strong preceptive feel to the response of the throttle, "TQ on demand."" Review from Mazda6club.com

"Before the SB, I drove my car in manual mode 100% of the time. While the auto-mode shifted smoothly, I just didn't like its "lazy" attitude...........Now, I drive in auto-mode 100% of the time! The response of the engine and tranny as a unit is almost telepathic. The car will down shift a gear, or two, faster then it ever has, and you don't need to "floor it" for the car to respond. City driving is a blast, as the car just squirts in and out of traffic with the flick of the pedal. Don't need a down shift? Easy, once you get the feel of the pedal. Need 1 or 2 down shifts? Bang, just like that, and way faster then stock, hit the pedal and the car responds." Review from Mazda3forums.com "Wow this thing is really crazy! It wakes up the car in all gears makes driving so much better." Review from Mazda6club.com

"This device blew my mind. Acceleration improved vastly - it actually did increase low-end by quite a margin - acceleration from stop increased vastly - and boy did that feel really good. Gear changes were definitely much quicker and accelerator responsiveness was magnifed. To put it into perspective, even the slightest touch of the accelerator can send the car lurching forward, and even going uphill (my carpark sloped roundabout) becomes even more effortless. Never before have i come across a mod that increased low-end by such a wide margin right off the bat after the install - simply amazing. Caveat: if you are a new driver or if you're a bit of a clusterfuck in heavy traffic, do yourself a favour and don't get this - that's just how much your low-end will improve, and how sensitive your accelerator will be. For the rest of us, this is one cheap mod i highly recommend!" Review from Rx8club.com

"I got the manual version. It gets some getting use to when driving in stop and go traffic. But like anything you need to get use to it. Throttle response is 100% better then stock. Drive ability of the car is so much better. Even in high gears 4-6 throttle response is the same as 1st-3rd maybe to do with the manual version. Some one stated before that they never noticed a difference in the upper gears with the automatic versions. Rev matching when down shifting is very seamless takes out the slop delay from the drive by wire setup. No issues with the CP-E EMS. This mod is right up there with my favorites DP, Standback." Review from Mazda6club.com

"This is THE MOD to get, and honestly, i'm so happy with the gain in my low-end that i'm considering not investing in a turbo or SC anytime in the near future. The difference is stark, and is definitely not like those mods which you'll have to search hard to feel even the slightest improvement, if at all." Review from Rx8club.com