Sprint Booster for Lexus

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"I drove home with a big smile on my face knowing I made a good decision. There are only two negatives that I can garner. One, is my gas mileage is going to suffer because I'm going to be on it and two is there probably is going to be a ticket in my future.

I do know that from this early test, my car is now fun to drive and this is the way it should have been from the factory. I can see why it won best new product at SEMA last year." Review from Clublexus.com "literally installed in 5 mins.. [...] instantly, the throttle response was razor sharp (compaired to stock) i was sold... [...]i think it was the best addition on my Manual is250 in terms of squeezing a little more umph from a sharper throttle response. id recommend it." Review from Lexusownersclub.co.uk

"I think they are a great bit of kit. Improves throttle response as soon as you plug it in! It definetely gave my ES a bit more punch. Not sure how it really works, but will have one installed when I look to buy a SC430 in the next couple months..." Review from my.is

"It makes the throttle response nearly instantaneous. A little jab at the gas pedal causes the car to leap off the line. It's more impressive from a roll. While in 6th gear, just lightly rolling into the throttle would causes a 3 gear kickdown. With the unit off, it would kick down 1 gear. So this translates into a much more lively throttle response without having to mash the pedal to the floor. This can make driving more amusing.

Do I like the SprintBooster? Yes I do. Quite alot, actually. As I said, I haven't shut it off since I've installed it. I like the instant throttle response without having to push the pedal through the firewall. It also caused no issue while I had my cruise control on. That is to say when it accelerated over hills and whatnot it didn't make the car jerky. Just cruising along, the car feels normal. But when you have to dip into the throttle, the lightning quick response is pretty appealing." Review from Clublexus.com