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"When we first heard about the Sprint Booster, we wrote it off as electronic snake oil. We found it hard to believe that a plug-in module that eliminated the delay in a vehicle with Electronic Throttle Control (ETC) could make a difference you could feel. We were wrong - big time! "I just returned from a 1,500 mile road-trip and all I can say is that it made the trip an enjoyable driving experience. I also have a TJ and wished the JK felt more responsive like the TJ, they are both 6-speed manuals. The trans on the JK is even starting to feel like the identical trans on the TJ, "trucky, clanky" if you know what I mean which is a good thing. I'm also getting the feeling of compression breaking from using the gears, the way it should be. Prior, I got no feel of compression breaking, just run-away free wheeling." Review from Jeepforum.com

"I recommend it to anyone. Much nicer on the road and much easier to "bump" up over an obstacle!" Review from Jeepforum.com

"When you first plug in a sprint booster you can immediately feel that the engine responds better and is eager to please. Driving a sprint booster equipped JK is truly a different experience in that you actually have to learn how to drive it all over again... the throttle mapping is much more aggressive - whereas when you step on the gas instead of having to dig into the throttle and wait and wait for something to happen (as if it's working against you) the throttle seems like its switched sides and it now working for you. Think of it as a "Sport" button - like those found in a Porsche or an M3, when its plugged in, its on!" Review from Jkowners.com

"I guess I'm another Sprint Booster convert. Went camping and wheeling with Ben Hedrick last week down in Uwarrie National Forest, and in conversation he asked if I had a Sprint Booster installed yet, telling me how it gets rid of the lag caused by the drive by wire. I told him my Jeep did not have any lag to speak of. I guess ignorance is bliss. After I drove his Jeep, which are both 5.7's, I had to get mine to respond like that. The price seems excessive when you open the small box to reveal an even smaller plastic part and a length of wire. I'm glad to say that after about a five min install, and an extra long test drive I was kicking myself in the ass for not doing it sooner. My Jeep feels alive now. Touch the gas and it responds right now. Not after the computer decides if its ok or not to give up a few ponies. I thought this thing is probably going to kill me in the mileage dept since it feels more powerful, but so far just going by the on board read out it looks like it may actually help some. After you get used to driving it, you find you don't have to put your foot into it as much to get up to speed. I'm not sure what this would feel like on the 3.8 but on the 5.7 the difference is impressive." Review from Jkowners.com

"I just finished installing a SprintBooster on my 2010 JK auto. Holy crap, what a difference, it works better than I expected! My biggest gripe with the JK was the lack of throttle response. The drive by wire system leaves much to be desired, but the SprintBooster solved everything I hated about driving my Jeep. If you think your JK is sluggish or unresponsive I suggest giving it a try. It won't make it any faster but the throttle will be a much more responsive to any input. The throttle feels crisp and the driving experience is completely different. Money well spent in my book, I highly recommend it to anyone who feels disappointed by the throttle response of their JK." Review from Jk-forum.com

"I too am running the Sprint Booster and everyone is right, it does not "add" power it simply make the throttle respond quicker and harder so it "feels" like it is more power. Mine is installed in my '07 5.7L HEMI and it REALLY wakes it up. The installation is just on top of gas pedal and yes, it's a little tight down there. They are a little pricey, but I have never heard anything but, "WOW, that was worth it..." from those that have installed them." Review from Jeepforum.com What we found was an instant improvement in throttle response. We were spinning the tires now without meaning to! And the transmission would downshift much sooner when we leaned into the throttle, adding to the overall improved responsiveness. The Sprint Booster actually made the Jeep more fun to drive on pavement." Review from Jpmagazine.com