Sprint Booster for Infiniti

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Ok so after a quick test drive.....I own a 2007 Sedan with the newer motor dual intakes etc. Throttle response is light and seems quick to rev....My 2003 Coupe does have lack of throttle response compared to the sedan so that is what I wanted....a product that would make my 03 more like my 07 in throttle.Well the Sprint booster does that. No my car is not faster, I did not gain horsepower, but it is a step in the right direction....Throttle response is now very similar to my sedan and and 1/4 pedal it feels like it does something. Before 1/4 pedal was dead......So all in all good product for throttle response of the pedal. Now it takes light effort to control throttle just like a 2007+ G35 sedan or 2008+ G37 coupe." Review from G35driver.com "My first impression was "No Way" and then "damn" it works very well. I made sure I tested this thing out on lane changes and "yup" I felt no lag , transitions were much smoother and it felt good! Now I feel like all of my other mods have been but to good use, My power will be there at my command without thinking about it for a second first." Review from G35driver.com

"Had plenty of opportunity to have fun with the sprint booster on the way home! Yes there is a big difference in the way the car responds to the throttle now. It feels a lot more responsive and sporty. Half way home got off the 401 and took some back roads so I could put it in manual mode and try shifting at some different speeds. Again big difference in manual mode as well. It also made the manual mode shifts quicker and smoother too. Shifting up and down was smoother with this installed. I could see this adding a small amount of performance gains on the car. Without it installed even when I floored the car it still didn't get up and go as much as it does now. Not that it pulls harder just gets going a little quicker." Review from G35driver.com

"got this about a two months ago and it is wonderful . The throttle response is instantaneous . Our cars throttle is controlled by our ECU ! Older cars are controlled by a cable . Sprint booster makes our cars like it has a cable ." Review from G35driver.com