Sprint Booster for Hyundai

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"Amazing product, the difference is very impressive, I had to learn to drive the car again after installation, I was spinning the tires at every stop light the first day! LOL! Feels like the car has like 30whp more! Now I cant turn it off or I will feel the car very sluggish! LOL!" Review from Gencoupe.com

"i have it and i love it...installed it the day i got the car home... been 1800km and no problems" Review from Gencoupe.com "I was an early adopter on the variable Sprint Booster. Now have 7,500 miles on it and will never go back to stock. It transforms the car; and it is still easy to control. There is a 30 day trial offer on these. But be sure you fully understand the terms of the trial offer. The cost seems high, but after all these miles I would gladly pay it again." Review from Genesisowners.com

"i love it! makes throttle response much faster!" Review from Gencoupe.com

"I just installed and there is for sure a difference! Simply amazing response. Worth every penny." Review from Gencoupe.com