Sprint Booster for Dodge

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ve been driving with this chip in since last friday and every time i jump in the car i am quickly reminded of the increase in acceleration.It decreases the throttle lag and makes my car feel like its building up boost much quicker. I can feel it through all of the gears and i've noticed the acceleration comes on much smoother. I can see this product helping out those that go to the track a good amount with launching and for those that just like a extra kick off the line.It may be too aggressive for some, or not aggressive enough for others. I recommend this product as long as you do the research and decide if this product is meant for you. " Review from Caliberforums.com "I have one. I have an RT auto though. I'll start off by saying I love it. I was sceptical of it when I first heard about it but kept hearing good things about it on other car forums. I was thinking about it for almost a year before i decided to give it a try.[...]I feel it makes the car more responsive.I have a predator and did the larger throttle body but felt the most difference from the sprint booster. But everyone seems to have different feelings on what a lot of the mods do for them. I know some people swear the larger throttle body improves throttle performance and other including myself don't really notice a difference. People also swear the canned tunes in the predator improve the cars power but again some people myself included didn't really feel much difference.I know it doesn't actually add horsepower or make the 0-60 time any better but for me it makes the car feel more responsive and that is all i am interested in. Take this for what it is one persons opinion, but if people are asking I would buy it again. " Review from Challengerforums.com

"I've got one on my Crossfire and it does make a difference. For the Crossfire, there were 2 versions, one for autos and one for manuals. The manuals ones were reportedly way too sensitive (either one works on either transmission model). As said before, it's a preference thing. Definitely "quicker" pedal response. Review from Challengertalk.com