Sprint Booster for Chrysler

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I have one on my car, had it for some time now. BIG difference on lag. Gas pedal behaves like a cable driven car now and not a Fly By Wire." Review from LXforums.com "My $$ was well spent on this mod because it did exactly what it said it would do, and what I wanted & expected it to do, and does it flawlessly all the time.This isn't snake oil, and for those that actually like a really sensitive throttle pedal this is the mod for you. It's also not at all like a Tranzformer as that device is specifically made to provide multiple "quick on the fly" transmission shifting pattern changes, and that device also works very well (a Buddy has one in his S/C Maggie R/T, and it is real fun to play with the different transmission shifting pattern settings).Try it before you knock it, you just might like it?" Review from 300cforumz.com

"i just looked now on the some forums about the sprint booster, alot of people say it does nothing and some say it does work. let me say that even if this small plastic box tool does cost $300+, it is totally worth it. yes in stage 2 mode, all it does is make the throttle more touchy i agree with that, but it also will open up the throttle valve full when you floor it. i couldnt beleive the way this thing moved when i floored it, it was like driving a completely different car, plus with the valve opened full on demand you see power where youve never seen it before. i would always complain to people that at around 40-60 km/h these cars feel guttless, after the sprint booster it feels like its got an extra hop in its step. cool little product. Review from LXforums.com