Sprint Booster for Chevrolet

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My Z06 had a throttle delay, that's prob a better word for it. At part throttle driving around town the throttle response was a little sluggish. Mat the gas and once the pedal was half way through it's travel the car took off. It was like there was a magic point in the pedal travel, prior to that point it was slow to respond, pass that point and the car took on a whole new personality.

The Sprint Booster gave me that instant response at any point, touch the gas now and the car rockets forward. Its a whole new car!!! " Review from Corvetteforum.com I have a 2009 ZR1, so it doesn't have the PTM (Performance Traction Management) feature. PTM allows you to floor the accelerator out of a turn and it manages power to keep the tires from losing traction. I'd be interested to see how it might work in a 2010 ZR1 with PTM.

Overall, I like it. There's a little period of time of getting used to it, and I still need to remind myself to be careful when accelerating out of a corner because the quicker onset of revs and power can really break things loose very quickly." Review from Corvetteforum.com