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"just installed a 'sprint booster' on my s5. i've been reading some users who really thought this mod is not worth having... here's my first impressions:
when i first drove my s5 i had the felt that the gas pedal response was a little on the not-so-exciting side. i remember saying, this car is not 'as fast' as i had expected with the 4.2 engine! sure, on the highway the s5 can go faster and faster and even faster. now with the sprint booster i really get the feeling of that 'explosive' response from my gas pedal i wanted from a high performance car, uphill starts are so easy, downshifting heal/toe requires much smaller movements. i'm really loving the experience the car is giving me now. will continue to see how long term usage is like in the coming months" Review from a5oc.com "My indie installed this last week (took all of five minutes - truly "plug 'n play") and after a few days of driving, here are my thoughts:

1. There is a noticeable improvement in throttle response (for the first 1/2 of the pedal travel, that is)
2. This is a perfect compliment to the custom tune from FarnbacherLoles - the feeling of "bigger displacement" is even more profound at part-throttle
3. Downshifting and matching revs was initially more difficult but after a few days, I have no issues and it is as easy as before.
4. Is it worth $330? For me, yes. That being said, if you have a stock ECU, I would put the $330 towards some tuning first. " Review from audiworld.com

"The car just seems more responsive when stepping on it, less of a "lag" when hitting the gas. I haven't had a chance to go back to default settings and see if I can feel a difference but so far so good." Review from Audiworld.com

"If you look through all of my threads they relate to startup hesitation from a stop with my car. I then found out it is caused by the drive by wire our cars are built with (wikipedia it).

Took a chance and payed the premium for the device. Install was a bit tricky but done in about 20min and a few tools to loosen the trim a bit to get hand room in a VERY tight space.

Initial impression: Problem solved for me, driveability is what it should have been off the lot. No more hard launches just to get going in stop and go traffic. I can now feather the throttle and clutch simultaneously to start out. Still need to test it on a very steep incline after I adjust in a day of driving.

It gets rid of any hesitation in the lower RPM's but it also accelerates higher up the RPM range you go too. I was zipping around faster than ever around town trying it out. I will adjust to the sensitivity though.

I can also say you have to do less shifting when driving normal too because the car actually performs right off idle in 2nd and there is major imrovement up to even 3000 RPM's when the car really starts to pick up.

Pushing down harder on the accellerator does NOT have the same effect. If you notice when you hit the gas (without the booster AKA stock) the rpm's do respond perfectly. Its the control of the throttle body that is causing the hesitation. If I am wrong please correct me with that statement.

Overall this is a great mod for anyone with lag or hesitiation. This engine has no turbo lag just throttle delay caused by the DBW.

I bought the less aggressive one (auto) and can't imagine what the manual one is like. This one is a great addition.

No gimmick here, just all smiles now. Sorry for the long post." Review from Audizine.com


This simple plug-in modification transforms the Audi into a lighter more nimble vehicle. Not only does it "lighten the car" is is also a great companion to other performance enhancing modifications. " Review from 6speedonline.com

"My R8 /R-tronic is now truly ALIVE. NO extra H.P. just quicker throttle response that I so desparately wanted. Now I must get new shoes ASAP as the extra throttle in a turn was breaking all four loose.This is the kind of fun I have been missing for a whole year of ownership. TWO THUMBS UP. Especially with the filter kit,and exhaust. I think I have a car that will get a little more respect now !!!!!!!!! I CAN'T say if this would be perfect on a manual trans, or the V10, but I am a happy camper. Maybe it's not the best on all makes/models, but the Sprint Booster sure gave my car a kick in the gas !! My part #SBAU0053. 362.92 and worth every penny.(so far,unless something now fails miserably) Must be removed before going to dealer for service. Easy to remove. Will keep you posted.Sorry D.D. for not keeping it short. Time to think @ remapping,S.charging and NITROUS." Review from r8talk.com