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"The sprint booster did make a difference. to me anyway. it felt like the car had an extra 10lb\ft of torque to it. the sprint booster basically "tricks" the throttle sensor into thinking the car is still cold and forces more fuel, at least that was my basic understanding of it. im told if you have a manual trans. you tend to see more difference." Review from TSXClub.com there was another thread on sprint booster you should really check that out. I beleive I am the only one on Acurazine with sprintbooster installed and have had it for a while and I must say I really do enjoy it. I do beleive it makes a big difference in the way your car responds when you give it some throttle.. Beleive me great produc but a little pricey." Review from Acurazine.com

"So, I got one of these to try out a few weeks ago. I still can't really decide about it, but yet I know that I'll miss it if I take it out.

I think others have posted similar information about it. Since it is just amping up the throttle signal you aren't really getting any more power, but it does really feel like it transforms the car. I pulled out of the shop driving a bit like some ham-footed idiot, but not thinking too much about it. I pulled up to a stop sign to cross a divided highway, saw and opening and decided to go for it. I hit the stabbed the throttle a bit (maybe 60%) and ended up peeling out as I crossed over. I was of course smiling and then when my car (an AT unfortunately), hit second it spun the tires a little more and I started to fall in love again. It was a night and day difference, but I still knew it wasn't a "real" performance gain, but in the lower gears, it did feel like it.

This continued for about a week, as I kept spinning the tires because I was used to giving the car a bunch more pedal than it requires with the Spring Booster in place. In the rain, I noticed that I was spinning the tires a bit more until I got used to having a light touch on the throttle. Yet, when you're driving and you just want to take off, a decent stab and the car will downshift and take off. If you want to accelerate "normal" just be smooth and easy and you get smooth and easy acceleration. If you feel the need to catch up or prevent someone from catching up, you don't need to floor it to take off, just a decent push and you're gone.

I've been watching my mpg during the time expecting to see a big drop, but it hasn't happened. Unfortunately, my commute isn't the same everyday (Chicago traffic), so it isn't a clear cut thing, but I would almost go so far as to say that mileage is completely unchanged. An engine is more efficient with large throttle, low rpm operation and it might be getting more of this than it did before, but I'm still not convinced one way or the other - I just know that it hasn't had an adverse effect on my mileage.

So, again, three weeks into this and about a week before I decide to keep it and pay for it. Is it worth it? Not sure, but as I said at the beginning, I know I would miss it the moment I took it out." Review from Acurazine.com

"After installation, I started my car and there was no CEL. I blipped the throttle slightly while in neutral to see if it had any effect, and it amazingly did! In first gear, the car jumped as if it were using a throttle cable. I remember that when I didn't have this thing installed, my car would sometimes have a deadened throttle response when getting the car moving at 1st gear... but this thing really eliminated all of it. I even tried starting from a hill, and I got the same result." Review from TSXClub.com

"I bought one several months ago just to try, and it really has made my car smoother from a stop. 1-2 transitions are more clean, but there is still a lag. It also makes the car have a bit of wheel spin from a stop if you don't feather, even with VSA on. I guess this gives me an excuse to try and sell the little woman on a LSD... With regard to the price, I think it's worth it as I absolutely hate the DBW lag. I think it's kind of funny that everyone is complaining about the build quality... It's plastic, that is going between two plastic connections... Plastic on plastic is better than plastic on any kind of metal. It's a microprocessor..." Review from TSXClub.com

"I HAVE IT .. HAD IT FOR THE PAST 6 MONTHS .. THIS IS FRIKKIN gREAT !!! GIVE IT A TRY you will all be amazed." Review from Acurazine.com