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Here are answers to the most frequently asked questions. If you do not find an answer to your question below, please do not hesitate to contact us. We will get back to you within one business day.


There are quite a few misconceptions on how Sprint Booster operates. Many in the Euro, Domestic and Import Tuner market are skeptical when it comes to a product that makes the claim to fix or improve something. The truth is, the tuner market has had its heart broken many times with products that talk a good game but fail to deliver. The most successful line of Sprint Boosters has been the euro cars (BMW, Porsche, Mercedes-Benz...). For year people in that genre have been crying out for improved throttle response, because it was just brutal and this is where our product was born. The manufacturer patented the product, invested a great deal of time and resources in R&D and began to expand the Sprint Booster products line up. The decision was made to enter the domestic market with Jeep, Trucks and modern muscle cars: our products really hit home. In Japanese Import Cars, our hottest selling Sprint Boosters have been for the Nissan/Infiniti (350z / G35) + 370z / G37), the Hyundai Genesis, Mitsubishi EVO X/Ralliart... As more and more people have tried the product they have reported back to us valuable feedback as well as questions. From this we have taken the time to draft together a quick FAQ in an attempt to shine light on myths or misconceptions about the product:

I have seen this before, isn’t this just like xyz throttle controller product from xyz company?

Sprint Booster is a patented product. No one has invested the amount of time and resources we have to enhance the electronic drive-by-wire system. It is protected by a GR patent (GR1005429) as well as an international patent application (PCT WO2007066155).

Second, Sprint Booster is far more advanced than people think. The circuitry inside Sprint Booster is continuously monitoring pedal travel or in other words, what the driver is doing with his foot. It analyses angular change, rate of change etc... Using that information, Sprint Booster is far more effective at providing the right amount of throttle inputs that are inline with what the driver is demanding. This applies to partial and WOT situations.

I can get a tune. Why would I waste my time with Sprint Booster?

The best way to answer this question goes back to how our product works. If you step on the pedal, a Sprint Booster is providing your ECU with a very accurate interpretation of what you want in regards to throttle. While tuning systems can modify your throttle maps to change thresholds, it’s very hard to get just the right amount of throttle response in certain situations, which ultimately means more tuning to get it right. With Sprint Booster, there are 2 levels of throttle response that we have created from months of R&D on each platform. We engineered it to provide you with a very fluid response regardless of transmission type. Getting back to tuning: A Sprint Booster is not a tuner. It’s simply a plug and play modification that takes 5 minutes to install that connects to your pedal connector. No wires to deal with, nothing complicated. Just plug and play. This is likely to be the easiest throttle controller to operate and setup. It measures your inputs and translates a modified signal more in line with your expectations. This product works well with tuning software that do not change the stock throttle maps.

Is Sprint Booster Safe and will this hurt my car?

If properly installed, yes Sprint Booster is very safe. Safety is something we take very seriously. This is why we subjected our product to ultra high TUV SUD testing which some would argue is the highest technical testing standard in the world. Sprint Booster has passed successfully the TUV tests (TUV SUD Automotive) and it is certified with European Conformity type approval (E.C. type approval mark no. e24031712) with regard to Directive 72/245/EEC as last amended by Directive 2006/28/EC. The e-mark is printed on each device. More information about TUV can be found on the USA TUV website.

Where is Sprint Booster manufactured?

Sprint Booster is 100% made in Europe.

30-day money back guarantee? But what’s the catch?

No catch. With the Sprint Booster product line we offer a 30 day trial. If you don’t like the product for whatever reason. RETURN IT and get your money back immediately. We are serious about our brand and customer service.

Will my dealership void my warranty or know I did something to my throttle response?

No, Sprint Booster is not reflashing or modifying your car's ECU or subsystems. It simply translates your throttle pedal inputs. In a sense restoring that traditional cable system feel to your throttle. Sprint Booster can be uninstalled at any time should you feel uncomfortable bringing your car into the dealership. Furthermore, with sprint booster installed, it cannot be detected by any diagnostic tool. In fact, our product works so well, that a several North American dealerships that are now currently selling our product.

How does the Sprint Booster work?

The Sprint Booster is engineered to enhance the driving experience by providing increased acceleration time (eliminating delay) on drive-by-wire cars by continuously measuring and converting the digital signal and providing the ECM (Electronic Control Module) with a new and altered signal for much quicker response. The Sprint Booster improves response, increases pedal input sensitivity and delivers more impressive off the line performance you can really feel.

Is the Sprint Booster easy to install?

It is a simple plug-n-play installation that takes just a few minutes and delivers instant response throughout the power band, making accelerating and rev matching incredibly more fun.

Is there a Sprint Booster available for my car?

Sprint Booster is application-specific and available for a number of popular high-performance makes and models. Check out our list of application on the left.


Is it safe to order online?

All of our payments are processed using industry-standard methods for data transfer and encryption so it is very safe.


How do you ship the Sprint Boosters?

We use Canada Post to ship Sprint Boosters across Canada. All packages are shipped fully insured, with a tracking number.

When will I receive my Sprint Booster?

In stock items are shipped the next business day if ordered before 11AM Eastern time. Otherwise, orders are shipped within 2 business days. Actual delivery time depends on the location of the customer. In general, customers on the West Coast will receive their order is 4-6 business days. Customers on the East Coast will receive their order in 1-3 business days.

Will I get a tracking number?

As soon as your order is shipped out, you will receive an email with your tracking number. You will be able to track your package until it is delivered to your door.

Do you ship outside Canada?

We ship to most international locations via air mail.



Can I return my Sprint Booster?

If you are not fully satisfied with your Sprint Booster, contact us to arrange for its return within 30 days. Shipping is not refundable. If you got free shipping, a flat shipping fee of $20 will be deducted from your refund. Do not return without a return authorization number. The package will be refused and returned to you. Returns will not be accepted after 30 days.