Sprint Booster for BMW - $329.95

"it took me less then 5 minutes for the install. Remove the hex screw from the pedal base then pull up/foward. Unplug harness from pedal box and plug in Booster. That's it!! Really Fast.

REVIEW: The car is now actually more responsive with this unit. NOT faster but more responsive. As we all know, BMW's are not 1/4 mile cars or stop light to stop light monsters but now off the line it does come to life. The lag that was there is not anymore. I am def. pulling from the stop light much stronger and leaving many cars behind w/o mashing the pedal down.

Push the sport button and this car really becomes fun and sporty. The pedal is sensitive in the sport mode but I really like it...not for everyday driving but for when I want to have FUN[...]"
Review from Bimmerfest.com

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Model Year Transmission Engine / Notes  
1 Series 2004-2015 Manual
1 Series 2004-2015 Auto
1M 2011-2012 Manual
2 Series 2013-2015 Manual
2 Series 2013-2015 Auto
3 Series 2001-2015 Manual
3 Series 2001-2015 Auto
M3 2001-2015 Manual
M3 2001-2015 SMG
Z3 2001-2002 Manual Excl. M version
Z3 2001-2002 Auto Excl. M version
4 Series, M4 2014-2015 Manual All models, including M4
4 Series, M4 2014-2015 Auto/SMG All models, including M4
5 Series, M5 2001-2015 Manual All models, including M5
5 Series, M5 2001-2015 Auto/SMG All models including M5
6 Series, M6 2003-2015 Manual All models, including M6
6 Series, M6 2003-2015 Auto/SMG All models including M6
7 Series 2001-2015 Auto All models
Z4 2003-2015 Manual
Z4 2003-2015 Auto
X1 2010-2015 Manual
X1 2009-2015 Auto
X3 2004-2015 Manual
X3 2004-2015 Auto
X5 2001-2015 Manual
X5 2001-2015 Auto
X6 2009-2015 Auto
X6M 2010-2015 Auto
"I had a sprint booster on my e60 545 and I thought it rocked. It totally removed the throttle delay and turned smooth acceleration into instant "right now" response. The 545 was not only much more fun to drive, it felt tighter and much more driver connected. I couldn't imagine owning an e60 without it.[...] IMHO I feel this is one of the first mods I would do to any car, not the last as the OP mentioned. Fairly inexpensive, reversible and you may like the result so much that you may feel that you don't need to spend money on a bunch of other mods." Review from Bimmerfest.com

"I have been running the SprintBooster and a tune for over 10k miles with no issues at all. The SprintBooster and tune make for a tasty combination." Review from E90post.com

"Fitted it today and gotta say it transforms the car! When i first got my 330Ci i was quite disappointed with the throttle response in low gears at low speeds, especially when compared to my brothers Honda Prelude. But the sprint booster gives you an instant & greater response and personally i notice it most in 2nd gear cause i think my habit is to change out of 1st and into 2nd earlier than most, and (pre-install) the response in 2nd gear was very poor, but not anymore!! Also heel toeing is so much easier. Previously on a down change it required a considerable prod of the throttle pedal to get the revs up enough to match the road speed, but now it is far easier only requiring a quick blip of the pedal." Review from Bimmerforums.com