CAN$329.95 ($399.95)

The all new Sprint Booster V3!

Now with 3 acceleration modes (Factory, Sport and Race) and 36 acceleration programs in total (18 manual and 18 automatic) to ensure flexibility and overall control over your vehicle's acceleration.

VALET MODE allows you to limit the rate of acceleration when you are not driving the vehicle (PIN protected and adjustable - 3 levels: 55%, 65% or 75%)

PEDAL LOCK allows you to fully disable acceleration mode when you are away from the vehicle (PIN protected)

What is a Sprint Booster?

A Sprint Booster is a small plug-n-play electronic modules that is installed on the drive-by-wire (DBW) module of your gas pedal. It modifies the electrical signal that goes to your car's computer to increase throttle response and improve the feel.


- At low revs, the engine responds approximately twice as fast vs. factory

- Almost zero delay when accelerating in 3rd and 4th gear (engine in the mid-range)

- Big difference in the higher rev range

- Improved response for downshifts and safer overtaking

- More fun and improved safety

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